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Hugh Roberts

April 4, 2015

Shells and Smoke
Over and Under Shotgun

  Hugh’s Escopetas Club. Is a monthly trap shooting gathering of ordinary folks. We gather and shoot the first Saturday of each month, ( at least most of the time, if it’s a holiday or something else kinda important, we might be delayed a week). We shoot at Redlands Shooting Park in Redlands, California

  We begin taking sign ups at 9 A.M., and begin shooting right after that ( that is of course, if the folks are ready to shoot ). We start by shooting 4 rounds of singles   ( each round is 25 targets ), which is equal to 100 total targets. That will determine our “ Top Gun” for the month. Unless there is a tie, in which case, we will have a ‘shoot off’ to determine the monthly “Top Gun”.  We then proceed to our monthly “Lewis Class Champion”, which is a handicap event. Once that's settled, we begin the first of our 2 fun shoots. Generally, an ‘Annie Oakley’ event, followed by a ‘Chip Shot’ event or maybe a ‘Buddy Shoot’ event, or maybe all 3, you just never know. It depends on a lot of things, the weather, time of day, how we feel. You get the idea. Awards are then handed out to the “Champs” in each division. Generally, there is something cooking on the Bar-B-Que, while the shooting is going on, and a lot of  ‘lies’ are being told to the shooters by the shooters while they are waiting there turn to shoot. We are usually done about 1PM, give or take a little while. Our main objective is to have some fun and shoot some flying saucers. We sure hope you can make it to our next shoot ( push the button that says “ Next Shoot”). Oh...... and the cost is $38.00 and you gotta bring your own shells or purchase them from the club house. Usually, 5 boxes will do it and we like to tip our target pullers a buck or two. (There is nothing to join and there are no annual dues to pay). If you’ve got any questions, there is a button for “Contact Us”.                                                                                                                                                                     .

See you at the Next Shoot

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Shells and Smoke
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